Our fire prevention programs are geared to assist community members of all ages learn about fire safety and fire prevention. We can provide informative printed material as well.

Many know about the October programs MPFD does in conjunction with primary and elementary schools. These events include visits from firefighters bringing trucks and fire-fighting equipment, and our Emergency Medical Technicians with ambulances.

You are also invited to our annual OPEN HOUSE program that takes place one weekend in October  -and of course, the annual  EDITH  drills –reminding us all to have escape plans from our homes, to  establish a safe meet-up place and know at least two ways out of every location.

"The best way to fight a fire is to prevent it!" – Former Fire Chief Gordon Handshaw

What you may not know about MPFD  Fire Prevention programs is that:

•       Groups of between 8 and 15, (children accompanied by parents) can schedule special visits to the firehouses throughout the year. It’s a great way to find out more about services  MPFD provides and seasonal fire safety/prevention

•       Homeschooling organizations can arrange for special fire prevention classes at the firehouses. The programs give groups information about fire safety/fire prevention and we can even practice safe building evacuations!

•       Preschools in Miller Place can request visits from the Fire Prevention team for age-appropriate presentations –done at the pre-schools where  youngsters are most comfortable

•       Senior citizen groups can invite the MPFD Fire Prevention team to do presentations, answer questions and provide focused information that can be timely and useful

•       And –we are always at your service. We invite you to find out more about joining MPFD’s Junior Firefighters (starting at 14) and other MPFD fire companies and auxiliary programs